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We're on track to become the world's most industry-immersive Operations Management (Lean and Six Sigma) Executive Certification Training Organisation, which fuses Data Analytics in the course curriculum.


We adopt an industry-centric approach grounded in practicality.

Professional Certification

Our Certification is highly regarded by the majority of well-established companies.

Industry Professionals

Our training sessions are delivered by world-class industry experts.

Classroom Based

The classic way is the most productive one, and will always be.

Certifications for Operations Management

Pebble Sierra is accredited by The Council for Six Sigma Certification

Official Industry Standard

The Council for Six Sigma Certification serves as the Official Industry Standard of Six Sigma Accreditation for Six Sigma training providers worldwide.

Our Recognition

This accreditation speaks volumes about our industry immersive world-class training sessions.

our Accreditation

Offered by Pebble Sierra Academy

Professional Certifications

Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt

Green Belt covers the core principle of Lean Six Sigma, its application in Quality Management with the statistical analysis tools – Minitab®  and project implementation.

Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt

Black Belts are DMAIC implementation leaders within the organisation and are regarded as Lean Six Sigma Champions. Green Belt is a pre-requisite for receiving a Black Belt training.

Certified Lean Professional

Certified Lean Professional have a sound understanding of the Lean problem-solving approach and are responsible for managing end-to-end Lean Improvement initiatives in an organisation.

of all the Fortune 100 Companies

Deploy Six Sigma in their operations, and are realising huge capital savings due to the reduction in defects produced.

of all the manufacturing companies in the world

utilize Lean manufacturing practices and are benefitting from increased efficiency and process improvement.

Surge in global demand for recruitment

of Lean and Six Sigma Certified Professionals, compared to the past year, as per a survey by Avery Point Group.


Authentic Datasets

Industry Case-Studies

Professional Certifications

Senior Industry Practitioners

Accredited Recognition

Universal Applicability

Pebble Sierra Offers Professional Certification Training Which is Completely in Sync With the Industry Needs.

We train only using industry case studies in Operations Management so that participants are well equipped with tools which ‘work’ in the industry. The intention is to make the participants industry-ready.

One of our industry experts travels to the university or the organisation (client) for a face-to-face training. We believe that in-person model of Professional Certification training is the most productive one, and will always be.

We only use authentic industry datasets and case studies to train participants in a completely industry-oriented practical way.

Not only do the participants become industry ready, they receive a professional certification which is highly recognised in the industry.

Our Clientele

Various top-tier organisations and universities engage with us for Operations Management Professional Certification Courses.

Interested in jumping onboard as a Licensee?

To help us in our ambition of becoming the global leader in Lean and Six Sigma Professional Certification Space by the year 2025, we are onboarding Operations Management faculties and industry experts from various institutes and companies across the globe.

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An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Jack Welchformer CEO, General Electric
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What They’re Saying About Us

“If I have to describe the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Professional Certification Training in just one word, I do not have to think twice: it was ‘phenomenal’.”

Radhika BansalData Analytics Associate, CGI

“Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Professional Certification was a completely case study based practical training which is now helping me by leaps and bounds in my industry project.”

Debosmita DeStudent, Christ University

“I have personally met the executive team. Their zen-focus on bridging the gap between industry and academia is unbreakable.”

Karan SharmaAssociate, BCG

“Via this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Pebble Sierra has enabled me to practically implement three Quality Management projects across Finance and Manufacturing domains.”

Raghunath PathakStudent, IIT Bombay

Pebble Sierra believes in talking about the tools which ‘work’ in the Operations Management domain. We trash the rest.

There are a gazillion frameworks devised by various industrialists, companies, researchers and organisations – the majority of these frameworks do not drive results when implemented. Pebble Sierra distils the relevant curriculum that’s updated as per the current requirements of the industry.

What We do Impacts Careers. And Lives.

Dive deeper into info about our Professional Certifications. You will want to get one.

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