Black Belt (12-days, 96 hours) is the advanced level of Lean Six Sigma Training – Only Green Belt certified professionals can apply for Black Belt Training.

This course is designed for professionals who want to become continuous improvement experts covering the entire spectrum of Lean Six Sigma methods and tools. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is for you if you're a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Professional who has the ambition to lead Lean and Six Sigma initiatives in your organisation.

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Black Belt training is most effective if conducted at the client’s premises. For corporate, institution or group training, please send us an email. One of our professionals will reach out for further quotation discussions.

Our Black Belt Certification Is Accreditated by CSSC

Official Industry Standard

Council for Six Sigma Certification serves as the Official Industry Standard of Six Sigma Accreditation and is recognised in more than 165 countries around the world.

Awarding Certificates with CSSC Logo

Certification by Pebble Sierra carries the logo of CSSC as a proof of our rigorous curriculum and our focus on being at par with the industry standards.

Here You Go

Lean Six Sigma. Making Industries Smarter.

Lean Methodology focuses on speed, efficiency and
removal of waste from process. Six Sigma targets
effectiveness and removal of errors.

Together as a bundle, they are unparalleled – a powerful management tool that offers a structured approach to solve problems. So powerful that General Electric saved $12 Billion in their first 5 years after they had implemented Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we don't recognise.

Shigeo ShingoWorld's leading expert on the Toyota Production System
Green Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Certification Training can only be taken by Green Belt Certified Professionals. It is for those who plan on becoming champions in their organisation to produce breakthrough improvements, gain mastery in problem-solving and business intelligence.

The big-shot names listed below showcase the thirst among the top-tier companies for Professionally Certified Executives in Lean Six Sigma.

Why take the course

Benefits of this course

Whether it’s Manufacturing or Service, Sales, Marketing, Finance or the Back office, virtually every area of every industry benefits immensely from conducting Lean Six Sigma process improvements.

Increase Revenue

More streamlined the process, lesser the wastage and higher the revenue.

Increases Employee Motivation

Higher employee involvement is a great motivation-trigger.

Increases Efficiency

Less time spent on process variation improves efficiency significantly.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Lean Six Sigma is a customer-oriented approach, not a product-oriented approach.

If you're Mr Shubham Kataria, it's time now to add the hallmark of CSSE - Black Belt to it. Mr Shubham Kataria, CSSE - Black Belt is the new you.

CSSE Stands for ‘Certified Six Sigma Executive’. This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Certification offers you the benefit to showcase your expertise in Lean and Six Sigma by using the Hallmark of CSSE – Black belt next to your name.

CSSE – Black Belt Hallmark distinguishes your profile from peers during the job interviews and opens doors to employment opportunities in India and abroad which demand specialisation in Operations Management (and other relevant fields). These include both multinational corporations and mid-cap companies.

Here are your takeaways post getting Green Belt certified by Pebble Sierra

Letter and Certificate

You are awarded the hard copies of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Certificate and a Letter of Black Belt Acknowledgement, both of them bundled in Pebble Sierra’s casing.

Hardcopy of the Official Guide

A hardcover copy of the Official Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Manual (400 pages) is given to each participant for his/her ready reference. This is an extensive book covering the entire body of knowledge of Lean Six Sigma at the Black Belt level.

Hallmark of CSSE - Black Belt

Showcase your professional profile with the Hallmark of CSSE – Black Belt next to your name. This is what today’s cutting-edge companies value most in prospective employees.

Receive case-studies forever

You will keep receiving (forever) detailed case-studies about Lean Six Sigma application in the industry by our partner experts.

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