Lean methodology techniques have been revolutionizing operations for 50 years.

in Nagoya, Japan, Taiichi Ohno and his engineering colleagues at Toyota were perfecting what they came to call the Toyota production system, which we now know as lean production.

The Lean Practitioner has an excellent command of the Lean methods and tools, is familiar with Lean principles and inspires others to participate in the improvement process. Within organisations, Lean Practitioners are the specialists who make organisations excel and enthusiastically transfer the Lean principles onto others.

Lean Practitioner Certification

3 Days classroom-based training using adaptive learning pedagogy and simulation-based learning.

The most important subjects which will be covered are the 7+1 types of waste, client value, Value Stream Mapping, flow, pull, 5S, Poka Yoke and improvement boards. On day 3, the focus will be on Lean project management and data analysis. In the Lean jargon, this is called A3 management, an 8-step plan to improve a process.

During the Certified Lean Practitioner training, you will learn how to apply the most important Lean principles, methods and tools in the field. Using an extensive simulation, the focus is on the practical application of Lean. Certified Lean Practitioner Professional Certification is awarded to those who pass the evaluation conducted post the training.

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

Winston ChurchillLean emphasises on constant evaluation of processes and determining if they’re still working.
Certified Lean Practitioner
With this advanced professional certification in Lean methodology,

Become the Lean Expert who is the driving force behind major Lean initiatives.

Ownership and leadership are two essential components in implementing a Continuous Improvement strategy within an organisation. This is why organisations across the globe require Certified Lean Practitioners, with professional knowledge of Lean, who develop improvement initiatives.

Course Curriculum

Get awarded the hallmark of Certified Lean Practitioner

Showcase your Lean implementation capability by adding the hallmark of 'Certified Lean Practitioner' to your name.

CLPPC (Certified Lean Practitioner Professional Certification) certifies you as a professional with a Lean oriented mindset. If you’re Mr Steve Shaw, this certification will award you the hallmark: Mr Steve Shaw, Certified Lean Practitioner.

Showcase your unique license carrying certification 

Each CLPPC alumnus is awarded a unique license number in the certificate that is verifiable by employers globally.

This Licensed Certification sets you apart and speaks about your unique capabilities as a Certified Lean Practitioner Professional. Employers can validate this license number on our website or by reaching out to our team via email.

Certification Curriculum

Introduction to Lean Thinking

• Lean and the Theory of Constraints
• The Lean Roadmap
• Customer value-add analysis
• Business value-add and non-value-add

Managing Waste

• The 8 types of waste
• Value stream mapping
• Flow
• Line balancing & Takt time

Lean Philosophy

• Pull and Little’s law
• Kanban, safety stock
• Replenishment pull
• Poka Yoke

Common Lean Tools

• 5S and Visual Management
• SMED and setup reduction
• Kaizen (Kaikaku)
• Jidoka, Andon, Standard work
• Visual Management, Hansai

Project Management

• 5 times Why
• The Toyota Way – 14 principles
• SMED, OEE, Heijunka
• Genchi Genbutsu
• A3 Management

Advanced Topics

• Creative tools
• Team composition
• Organisational change
• Training evaluation

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