GlaxoSmithKline is a British pharmaceutical company which means a company dealing with drugs or their preparation having its headquarters in Brentford, London. It was ranked as the world’s 6th pharmaceutical company in 2005. It is at present employing to 1,00,000 people across the world. The main reason for its success was that the company was investing heavily in data analytics.

Jennifer Hanson has been the head of Human Resource Department of GSK for more than 2 years states the importance of data analytics and soft skills in a professional course. Being so experienced she narrates that MBA internships are key to their success. Internships not only helps in the development of analytical view but also helps to hone our skills and in development of a personnel’s own view which makes him/her more confident towards his/her work.

Big data analytics has been invented years back but with the development of technology, the scope and efficiency of data analytics have increased. Business houses can collect their data and can apply analytics to them to get effectiveness and efficiency in their business. Cost reduction, fast and better decision making and predicts consumer’s behaviour that helps in making a new product. Data analysis helps in exploring of data in a meaningful way that will help in making our business more successful and profitable. Data analytics is a perfect tool to enhance our business as well as to deal with the dynamic business environment – business is all about identification and tapping of opportunities and these opportunities can only be analyzed through good data analytics.

Data analytics had become an implied process for any business house and a good command over data analytics is very much required for a successful working of a business.