Does Pebble Sierra engage in corporate training for Lean Six Sigma and/or Data Analytics?

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with us by sending us an email at, we will be glad to discuss more on it.

Is the Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Certification Training conducted for university students as well?

Yes, it is. Lean Six Sigma is a Quality Management methodology used in the industry extensively. It has now become extremely important for the university-goers to understand its importance and get trained the ‘practical way’ in this concept. Not only is this professional certification an employment-prospects-booster, but is also recognised across the globe for better research opportunities.

Are your accredited by any third party agency?

Pebble Sierra is accredited by The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC). The Council for Six Sigma Certification serves as an Official Industry Standard of Six Sigma Accreditation for Six Sigma training providers worldwide who choose to join together behind the CSSC standardization after disclosing their internal operations.

Why should I prefer Pebble Sierra Academy Pvt Ltd over other competitors?

  • Our third-party accreditation (United States Council for Six Sigma Certification).
  • A completely case-study approach to teach both Lean Six Sigma and Data Analytics.
  • Licensed Executive Certification in Lean Six Sigma and Data Analytics recognised by the industry.
  • Our case-study partners include Fortune 500 companies.
  • Offline classroom-based training at universities and corporates – the online model of Executive Certification Training can never get as effective as the in-person training model.
  • One of the most affordably priced industrial education provider in India.

What exactly can I expect from your training (any of them)?

We adopt a practical approach in terms of ‘only’ using industry case studies and datasets while training. Therefore, the participant will be able to directly apply the learnt tools and techniques while doing an internship or as an employee. Moreover, our professional certifications are recognised across the globe for better employability prospects and research opportunities.

Do you also engage in online mode of training?

No, we don’t. One of our partner industry experts travels to a university to train the participants in a classroom-based format. While online teaching might be gaining traction, we believe in face to face live classroom training where our industry expert trains participants in a classroom style of teaching and use online tools when required. The classic way is the most productive one, and will always be.

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