IQVIA: A New Path to Your Success Via Human Data Science

IQVIA: The Human Data Science Company

Like the IT sector, healthcare is one such field where a lot of data is generated like during clinical research, adverse drug monitoring, etc. This data generated will help to revolutionize the sector in the future. Big data analysis and artificial intelligence will pave the path in the future for better and affordable healthcare.

IQVIA, the world’s largest contract medical research and healthcare information provider now aims to be the largest “Human Data Science Company” by venturing into start-ups for technologies based on data analytics and artificial intelligence. The aim of the company is justified as many pharmaceutical companies are looking to cut costs and dedicate their energies to better R&D productivity. Grabbing on this opportunity of increasing demand of information technology, IQVIA remains at the forefront in this field.

The pharmaceutical companies are now having a steady growth and showing interests in the innovative drugs due to the ease of regulation by the government after the 2013 hearing of Supreme Court that made clinical trials in India difficult. By applying data analytical tools to the already available data, IQVIA has generated heat maps to precisely identify and enrol patients in clinical trials for treatments related to complex and rare diseases. The pharmaceutical companies have definitely benefited from it.

The analytical technology of IQVIA has improved so much that it is now equivalent to that in the western countries. Now combined with the talent and the technology they have, they hope to continue on the path of success. With the amount of good quality innovation emerging in India, IQVIA is hopeful that India will definitely go ahead of the European nations. Supporting this growth will be IQVIA with their state of the art analytical systems for big data analysis along with the power of artificial intelligence.