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In our endeavour to deliver the next generation Operations Management education.

Our course material empowers our partners and businesses around the world to evaluate the align Lean and Six Sigma learning to key objectives and close critical skills gaps.

Whether you are an enterprise partner or an individual training partner with us, benefits are big.

As our partner, you receive monetary compensation for delivering Lean and Six Sigma Professional Certification training. You also receive access to our entire course material and all our presentation decks to train the participants. A pretty sweet deal, isn't it?

Teach our official material

Our partners receive hardcopy + softcopy of our official teaching material that you can use to train your students.

Earn money teaching students

Pebble Sierra pays its partners a monetary remuneration that is far greater than the average industry standards.

Create a massive educational impact

Deliver world-class Lean and Six Sigma Professional Certification training in partnership with us and help improve global productivity.

“It has been 6 months now that I have been a training partner with Pebble Sierra. The course content is brilliantly designed keeping in mind what's required in the industry. The depth of Operations Management experience that the Pebble Sierra team carries is unparalleled.”

Dr Jagannath DeshmukhTraining Partner, Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Certification

“The official material given by Pebble Sierra to train the participants is amazing in terms of its content and industry relevance. As an instructor, I simply have to focus on delivering an engaging training, the rest is taken care by Pebble Sierra.”

Dr David FrederickTraining Partner - Certified Lean Practitioner Certification

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