The recent issue of hacking of the UIDAI database with a meagre sum of rupees 500 has raised the questions as to how much big data is secure not just in India but around the globe. Many mobile applications like Amazon or e-wallets keep the information of person’s credit cards for easier transactions. Big Data is also useful for many organizations to achieve better business decisions and customer satisfaction. Hence, this data needs to be kept private and safe.

The typical challenges for securing Big Data include the active development of advanced analytic tools for unstructured big data and nonrelational databases (NoSQL), developing mature security tools effectively to protect data ingress and storage, implementation of surveillance systems to monitor and alert on suspicious activities and keeping the security systems updated regularly.

The different methods used for securing big data are not new, just the scalability of these methods has changed. Encrypting, having centralized key management, giving proper user access, having systems to detect and prevent intrusions and keeping physical security to safeguard the data are some of the techniques for keeping the data safe. Companies like IBM, Thales (Vormetric), Cloudwick, Logtrust, Gemalto are the front-runners in driving the research in digital security. The main question lies as to who is actually responsible for keeping the data secure. And the answer is everyone. From companies making proper policies, procedures and security software to protect from malware and hacking to compliance officers that must work closely to automatically strip off sensitive credit card details. Database Analysts also must work closely with IT companies to safeguard their databases. The end users also play important role in keeping his own data safe. By being aware and not falling into the traps of fraudulent companies he can contribute in safeguarding the big data.

It is the collateral effort of everyone that will help to keep the big data as secure as possible. A safe and secure data will aid the companies to make proper decisions and policies as well as benefitting the customer to get maximum satisfaction.